Wind Energy

Information About Wind Energy

With climate change being a hot topic in today’s world, more countries are investing in alternative and renewable energy sources to meet the population’s ever-growing energy demands.

In addition to solarand hydro-electric, wind energy is one of the frontrunners as a viable long term, green solution. Wind power is the generation of electricity by using air flow to spin wind turbines, then converting the mechanical energy into electrical.

One thing many people don’t know is that wind is actually a form of solar energy. Winds are created by a combination of uneven surfaces of the Earth, the Earth’s rotation on its axis, and imbalanced heating of the sun across our atmosphere.

There is a huge potential for wind energy, and it’s something that people are starting to take notice. As when looking at any energy source as an acceptable means to meet our future needs, it’s important to look at wind’s advantages and its disadvantages.

As Jay Inslee said.With 1 million square miles of the Arctic melting unexpectedly this summer, these are warning signs that we have to act and act now. Our addiction to Middle Eastern oil obviously has security implications, and we think it's about time to be generating Eastern Washington wind energy instead of sending our money to the sheikhs.

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